Homefront Multiplayer Review

Homefront Multiplayer Review

Our review of Homefront's multiplayer mode(s). See what we thought of THQ's very unique FPS!

Although the multiplayer modes are very limited I still have lots of fun playing it, in fact it is one of the best First person shooters I’ve played in a while. There are two primary modes - Ground control and Team Death match. I know what your thinking “there is nothing new about these game modes” Well even though pretty much every FPS has these, they still feel fresh and brand new. This is because of the scoring system, THQ makes is more important to work as a team to earn points and not just run and gun like some other games that are on the market today(I wont say any names), its also due to the great maps that really feel like a hopeless USA that has been run down.

There is lots and lots of customization in the multiplayer, and tons of accessories to choose from. You can use all of your basic FPS weaponry as well as drive a variety of vehicles, from Humvees and tanks to Scouts and Attack helicopters. Everything is associated with something called battle points, they are need to pretty much do anything in multiplayer, from upgrading your character to buying new weapons. These battle points (or BP) can even be spent mid battle to buy things like drones, helicopters and so much more. When everything in the multiplayer is put together you will see how complex it really is.

As great as this game is it does come with many flaws, first off the graphics are horrible. I think they could have produced the same quality with the fist generation Xbox ,the sound effects and voice were acceptable but compared to games like Killzone 3 and Crisis 2 it just doesn’t cut it. The single player runs smooth but the multiplayer freezes up at times, even to the point where I had to hard reset my system. Yet I kept putting this game back in my system, that just shows how addicting this game can be.

I loved Homefront, and I recommend this game to everyone that is not hung up on graphics and just really wants to have fun. Homefront is definitely one most unique and fun games I have ever played, but it can be approved upon and I'm sure it will be for the sequel.

Keep an eye out for the Homefront single-player campaign review, and see what we thought of the story and setting.

I gave this game a 4 out of 5.
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